And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

Dated 21/3/2020
As anticipated, the PM made a further announcement on Friday with new guidelines for small indoor gatherings (see below)
The new rules requires 4 square metres of space per person. 
For our purposes, this would limit a public service in our worship space to 21 people maximum (our space is approximately 84 sq. m).  
This is a legal requirement. 
As a result there will no regular church services this Sunday at Hinton (or until the government’s restrictions are eased or lifted). 
– We will however be talking about how to help one another and encourage one another in our walk with Jesus throughout this time. Don’t be discouraged: God is with us (Hebrews 13:5,8)
What does this mean?
As the new requirements make our normal way of operating unworkable, we will need to be creative in terms of how do some of the following things:
* Encourage one another in growing in the Word together.
* Supporting one another in prayer and in practical ways.
* Providing pastoral care and support within the church. 
* Helping our friends and neighbours in the community in practical and appropriate ways. 
* Supporting and praying for our missionaries in the field. 
* Sharing the Good News of Jesus and our Christian hope. 

(If we are helping in  the community, we just need to remember the instructions around hygiene, hand-washing, and distance). 

* If you have practical needs for anything – or you know of neighbours who do and are shut in – we can arrange for things to be dropped at their door. 
We are blessed that we can use technology to keep in touch. 

More than that,  we are blessed our God is our “ever present help in times of trouble” (Psalm 46)

We will be thinking through all of these things: 
The Baptist Association recommends suspending all services for all churches and working through the options of how we use technology and other means to connect with each other.
In the coming days we will be endeavouring to speak to as many of you as we can to work through the best ways to support and care for each other. 
This includes thinking through how we use technology in different ways to communicate – either for live meetings or recorded messages. 
Remember, each person is only a phone call away. 
Please don’t hesitate to call me. Keep on calling each other to check in.  
I believe that God will use this present crisis to draw us as individuals and families closer to himself –  and to one another- and to help us to love and to depend upon him even more. 
Be assured that God is King over all these things and will bring good from it all (Romans 8:28). 
Psalm 93 is very encouraging in reminding us that God is greater than every tumult and trouble in this world and that we can put our trust in Him. 
The LORD reigns, He is clothed with majesty;
The LORD is clothed, and is armed with strength.
Surely the world is firmly established, it cannot be moved.
Your throne is established from of old;
You are from everlasting. 
The seas have lifted up, O LORD,
The seas have lifted up their voice;
The seas lift up their pounding waves. 
Mightier than the thunder of the great waters,
Mightier than the breakers of the sea – the LORD on high is mighty.
Your testimonies are trustworthy; 
Holiness adorns your house,
Forevermore, O LORD. 
Some encouraging passages:
Matthew 6:25-34; Psalm 23;  Romans 8:18-39
Also – here is a link to local Christian radio guide so you can tune into a program:
There are so many other resources we can access to encourage our hearts.
God bless you – and don’t hesitate to call me.
In Christ’s love
Pastor Scott 
0412 575 850
FYI: Here is a quote from the PM’s address via the ABC News website: 

These were the Prime Minister’s exact words when announcing the new measures on Friday:

“Earlier, I announced the 100-person limit on non-essential indoor gatherings, and I went through the list of those things that were essential. I won’t do that again today. It is the same list.

“But what we are now moving to is an arrangement for gatherings of less than 100, is that there would be 4 square metres provided per person in an enclosed space, in a room. So that’s 2 metres by 2 metres.

“So for example, if you’ve got a room, if you’ve got a premises, if you’ve got a meeting room or something like that, that is 100 square metres, then you can have 25 people in that room.